a rec 2 postion opened at irving middle school (pauls site...across the county...) and has been offered to me...

i think im gonna accept...


(i dont like making big choices heh ;) )


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 im glad you guys are my freinds and that you arnt assholes and wouldnt do asshole things that some peoples "freinds" do.
ya'll are grrrreat, really really really...



well...its only a killer to like plants and such....but its massive!!! LOOKIES!!!
Photo: giant monster rabbit in England
apparently mr.hugeassbunny enjoyed eatting whole gardens tehehes, and peoples kept trying to shoot him but hes toooo smart for em!!! soon he shall take over the world HAHAHAHA!!! :-D big bunny makes me happys. not all bunnys are scared lil things-some like to terrorize whole towns!
but yes...twas back in '06 and i like to think that bunny is now either happily in a place of captivity where he can eat all he wants, or else that he is still roaming the world destorying peoples crops or somthings! (if he had a sad ending, please dont tell me...you have to BELIVE IN THE BUNNY!!!!) or somthing. but yes, the story is at http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2006/04/0411_060411_rabbit.html
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the good news is that i somehow have a live hermit crab in his cage right now(im half thinkign im asleep or somthing?)...who appears to be sammy, the littliest of the two...
in which case might mean the bad news is that he killed the other one, sunny?
though that evidence also doesnt make sence...

im so confused!
(but glad that i have one crab at least...)
its a hermit crab mystery...

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i FINALLY got in touch with the girl i needed to for my summer job at the camp for special ed students, which is good, and apparently i didnt need to be spazzing (which i figured, but my mom seemed to think otherwsie) so ill get called to set up an interveiw for a promotion (i wanna be in charge of my own classroom of 10-12 participants!) :) that would be exciting, plus a pay increase never hurts either, haha (i would love to just pay off my car)

the most exciting thing? I SHOULD BE ABLE TO WORK AT THE SAME SITE AS PAULIE!!! i could probobly even have him in my class, though i dont know if that woul dbe in his best interest...im not sure how clingy hes gonna be though either, so he might end up in my class for a lil or somthing till he decides im not gonna just leave randomly (which IS a justified fear...i can never tell him when i have to leave for school and such cause he goes a bit out of his mind and hits himself and bangs his head on hard objects and such...though that tends to happen once he knows im gone anyways, but not AS bad... :( )
but ANYWAYS, i shall be happy to drive halfway accross the county if i means i can spend more tim eiwht my brother, and i figure since itll be so close and all then after work i can just stop by his house and take him for ice cream or somthing on fridays or somthing...it will be lovley!! :) i miss him SOOO Much!!! mom thought i was just smoking pot or somthing when i told her that (pardon the expression...i keep thinking i need to stop the drug references since i dont even do drugs...) but yes, he is one of my best freinds. in a totally different way than any of my other best freinds, obviously i dont sit in the sauna and spin with him or talk about bitches i wanna punch or anything (well, i can, haha, just he might get too into it and repeat it randomly for weeks ;) ) but i love to sit there and watch aurthor on PBS with him, or go swimming and watch him be SOOO happy about it, or even do like when we were kids and skip and jump around with him pointlessly....hes great.

FDR said "do what you can, with what you have, where you are" and Paul trly exempllifys this point now that he is in a good safe home with all the tools he needs to flourish...he has retardation but he is NOT a dumbass, to no extent is he (which is another reason why calling people retarded is stupid...he has alot more common sense than Adam who is all smart kid GT and all...and he uses everything to his advantage haha...he TOTALLY knows how to play the "oh, me? i dont understand" card and look totally inocent to get his way and stuff...i might belive it cept i kno wbetter, haha...
he can be an asshole sometimes but i love it :)
and hes totally real too...hes even figured out when he can and cant say profanity...and hes gotten great at using it in context!!! he droped somthing the other day and said "oh shit" and not too long ago dad was being a dickwad and after he had left the room paul looks at me and says "asshole" with a grin...hes very funny. i mean, not just for cussing...
hes somone i cant really explain...you would have to meet him. i think people should meet him...perhaps someday we will travel the world and then achive world domination....hehe, we would need adams help then too ;)

lemme tell ya, if my brothers and i ruled the world....wow, it would be an interesting place!!!
there WOULD be alot of music though, all of us are perdy obsessed with music, paul especually actrully.

im doing a GREAT job of cleaning my room, eh? ;)

but yes, the moral of the story is: i love spring, i love paul, i love everyone, im excited for work this summer and i hope i get the promotion...

YAY!!! :-D
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McBride was a mooooovie star mawhahaha!

so instead of either sleeping or being productive (i tried for awhile but im too tired to think much, and im too nontired to sleep...its awsome!) i found the part in Ferris Bueller's Day Off where Mrs.McBride was an extra. it makes me happy to see her again even if it is for like 3 seconds making a face ad such...i miss her...
anyways, heres the link, she is the second person on it, starts at like 00:03.... goes till 00:07....
she was and is a great a band director.
and a silly lil bunny! :)
also, she had a hole in her nose and could stick her batton though it.
and sometimes i would think she was gonna fall off the podium cause she would stop her foot for the and count so we played at the right spot...it worked and i learned how long it was, but the first few times i though she was falling hehe...
and once she wore wayyyy too much white face makup to a concert and looked perdy creapy. i wonder if she knew. and she had her favorite concert outfit which was mostly black but some gold (our colors are black and gold!) and she had a favorite sun hat that was black and had a ribbon thingie around it that had gold stars...
she really did care about and love all her students...and always said band kids are the best kids and laughed about how people thought she was nuts for taking hunderds of teenagers on a band trip but she liked it alot and trusted us...
she was amazing...and pasionate...and loved everything....on her cell phone everytime she turned it on it said somthing ot the effect of "every day is a new day" and she would live every day...really LIVE...
and i liked the way she would squeeze my sholder for reassurance...i remeber the last time she did...and i kept daydreaming that after winter break she would be better and back from the hosptial...

i could only find one pic of her now on the internet...on facebook (im glad i oddly obsessed and saved all the pics i could find to my compuyer...) and Westfield finally updated their page to have current teachers listed...i hope everyone hasnt forgot

i should sleepies...kelly at 9am...which means i have to be up BEFORE then...


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    yes i made up some words...why was i ryhming anyways? hurm...good question! HAHA

and how could i forget to mention?!?!...

I GOT A LIL SISTER FOR NKE!!! :-D YAYAYAYAYAYAYAAYAYAYAYAAYAY!!!! Shes a nifty lil bunny and she will soon be a Siren and our family will be continued YAYAY!!!! :)
im excited too cause she seems perdy cool and i get to give her presents which will cost money but it should be oks....and i LOVE giving people things its amzinngly fun and she loves purple too!!! :)

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dont ask me what that means, haha, but it DOES mean that they havent decided no yet...
they will go observe him at school and see if the group home would be a good fit for both paul and the residents already there....

please be a good boy at school paulie!!!


and now we wait some more ;)
*deep breath* (i dont wanna get too excited when it could still be no)
but i am excited!!!
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HAHA...A REAL "knee slapper"

"279. You hear "this isn't K-mart we don't like/want 'sails'" more than once a week. "


someone shoulda told me that HAHAHAHA!!!

hehe...thats wicked funny!!!

ok, now bed ;)