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ok, so guess how my day has been?!?!

at noon i had class in gosnold 100-that big meeting room thingie with all the chairs that are like falling apart...
halfway though class i made the mistake of slightly leaning back in my chair.

and feel backwards-banging my head and bending my neck...

it hurt. like alot. but i sat though the rest of class, it got worse, not better though, and by the end of class i couldnt move my head without like crazy pain.

so i went to the health and wellness center over in JR and they were like...dude, go to this urgent care place! cause if might be like fucked up if it hurts that bad...

so my awsome kk and kate took me over there and after a buch of waiting and doctorness stuff i found out that i have a "head contusion and a neck strain"

which actrully means nothing to me, but they are bigish words haha...
they DID give me an assortment of drugs...which i typically dont like to take anything but tylenol and stuff...

i took the mucsle relaxer thing though (they had samples)
but i have to go to teeter to get the rest of the perscriptions filled...i got a script for vicadin!!! haha...that should help ;)

im really pissed though. this certainly could have and should have been prevented...the fuckign chairs have been having problems since last spring apparently...certaily i was not the first to have a trouble with the fucking chairs...

im pissed.
and in pain.
and kk and kate are awsome

merry friday!!!
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