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somtimes i get myself soooo excited!!!

so, the other day in class i was in lala land (as usual) and was thinking about winter guard, cause although our band director at york hs said we are not having one, i guess i havent really given up, i would at least try and negotiate and show how we can do it perdy cheaply if we use the preexisting floor (which the girls say they have, but not verified) or we dont even need a floor, no new flags or coutumes, and fundraising (the girls are wayyyy dedicated and i know they would fundraise their hearts out...and they have a bunch of people who marched for fall interested in doing indoor guard) *thinking* it wouldnt be *too* much with all that facotred in...besides, he wants to have a good guard and see this as a rebuilding year, but they arnt gonna get any better if they dont get to spin (granted if we cant have a competing guard we can always make a show and go preform at the middle schools or somthing for recruitment, but it would be more fun to compete...and if not that then probobly just some spinning senssions, which i guess we wouldnt get paid for, but it would be worth it....the girls love to spin, and i dont wanna limit that)

ANYWAYS...since i first read about it (and a lil before that, but not as seriously) i have had this dream of making a special ed/general pop color guard...and anyone and everyone would be able to do it!!! regardless of if you cant move at all...i WILL find some way for you to be involved....everyone needs a team, everyone needs to be needed, and music is a grrreat way to do this!!! I LOVE guard and i LOVE special ed...
so i have it all planned out: in a few years, after im all used to being a teacher, and hopefully i will have my own lil guard somewhere too, i wanna start a guard open to everyone...there is a chance i then end up with too many, but heck, maybe they could then be sister guards or somthing and i could have others help me out so i dont have to limit it cause of nubers....within reason of course. though i dont forsee that being a problem at first. we wouldnnt compete but hopefully aia would let us be exibition...or who knows, maybe some day there will be enough of these guards that it will be its own class, how AWSOME would that be?!?!! WGI, sport of the arts...AND of incusion for EVERYONE!!! MAWHAHAHA, HOW KICK ASS WOULD THAT BE, FOR SERIOUS?!?!?!
and i truly mean everyone. i would find an acomadation for anyone...regardless of the disability being behavioral or physical or intellectual...ive sat around thinking of an accomodation for just about everything, but im sure there will be somthing to stump me...but if they want in, they will be in!!!

this makes me very happy and excited.

for the present, i still REALLLLLLY hope my york guardies get a winter guard.

and thinking about guard, or special education, is not actrully the same as wring a paper for history of psych (GAH) so i should get back to that....i just had to get my excitment out somewhere!!!
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